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Your Role

Being a Sailing Scientist under our program can offer interesting opportunities and a purpose with every nautical mile sailed. But it also requires responsibilities and a duty to report the data according to scientific protocols. Furthermore, it is expected that you and preferably your crew in some ways promote the Sailing4Science program, messages, and assignments on your boat and via social media.

A Skipper and crew

Short intro about the obvious – that they are responsible for their own safe sailing voyage and we do not interfere with that with more than what we ask for in the application form

A Sailing Scientist

Short intro about this role and the trust and expectations when being part of a collective data monitoring and the collective community. And if sailing with Level 2 and 3 equipment it belongs to a university and young students...etc

A Sailing4Science Member

Short intro about the responsibility to represent GU and NTNU and all the S4S-Community members from all over the world

A Sailing4Science representative, face and promotor

Short intro about them sailing with our logo on their boats and not only representing themselves but also this project and our values. Leading them into our Code of Conduct:

The Sailing4Science Code Of Conduct

(Our Code of Conduct that they have to sign/approve in the application)



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