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Your Crew

The most important factor is your personal engagement and loyalty to the actual mission of science, and the value it represents for those who want to use your data for the benefit of positive development in, around, and on top of our ocean. Secondly is the passion for the sailing of course. We expect that you as a skipper will collect great crew members for your voyages and can implement these values in your crew. Sailing while collecting data also means that the crews involved are in general possibly better prepared for nature's surprises out on the ocean. It also gives the data relief from emissions and other toxins from engines that easily can mix up with the water or air samples collected. 

The skipper

Text about the requirements and obvious responsibility for crew, safety and all that first of all.

The crew members

Text about the crew members' understanding of science and the trust scientists put into the data they collect and report – that all of us are participating in a collective effort for the better of the ocean, for biodiversity, us, and the generations to come.

Doing good – sharing is caring

Text about the positive impact of sharing the sailing-scientist experiences via the crew members' stories, images, and footage via social media – and a kind reminder that it is done in their role under the S4S brand



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