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Sign Up to become a S4S-Member

Do you want to try out the idea to become a S4S-Member and help us monitor, collect and report data from your sailing voyages? We look upon the ocean as a thriving resource and opportunity, but at the same time we know more than well that we the humans have treated her badly the last hundred years.

On these pages we will explain how it works and what you can expect and what we expect from our S4S-members and boats. Check out the quick summary below and then get into deeper info and facts on each page.


Just to explain the expression – ocean – it origins from XXX and means all oceans and seas on planet Earth. Our endorser the UN Ocean Decade Programme have defined all waters on the planet as one ocean with the idea that all the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers on planet Earth in fact are directly connected into one huge body of water – 70% of the surface of our planet is covered by these waters.





The most important factor is your engagement and loyalty to the actual mission of science. We cherish the value data represents for those who want to use it for the benefit of positive development in, around and top of our ocean. Secondly is the passion for sailing of course. We expect that you as a skipper will collect great crew members for your voyages and can implement these values to your crew. Read more



Your boat can be a sailing dinghy or a 100-foot yacht and anything in between. Depending on the size of your boat, the scientific assignments and sampling data may vary, simply because of the size, and weight of the sampling equipment needed. Temperature is one of the simplest data to measure up on the surface from a dinghy, using a 50 kilo underwater probe ready for monitoring the seabed requires obviously more boat.  Read more



Some data can be collected with basic navigation instruments - i.e water surface temperature. A simple device you can use is a secchi-disc that measures optic water visibility. Then there are various electronic sensors or dedicated apps that will require a smart phone. Beyond these light weighted and fairly simple to use devices, we offer more advanced equipment. Read more



Being a Sailing Scientist under our program can offer interesting opportunities and a purpose with every nautical mile sailed. But it also requires responsibilities and a duty to report the data according to scientific protocols. Furthermore, it is expected that you and preferably your crew in some ways promote the Sailing4Science program, assignments and logo on your boat and via social media. Read more

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