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We are developing six themes for our Ocean Decade Program Circumnavigation voyage. These themes will be the read threads throughout our workshops, on-dock expos, and inspirational get-togethers in formal and non-formal sessions along the voyages. The will, and are meant to, evolve as we go, but are based on the years of experiences and research findings we have collected in our Sailing4Science projects around the world up until now.


The workshop/expo based on the UN Ocean Decade 2030 Program:
 Co-Creating a hopeful vision in a triple planetary crisis.

– Co-creation & all-inclusive
– A hopeful vision
– One Ocean
– Climate change
– Pollution impact 
– Bio-diversity loss


A workshop allowing city stakeholders and politicians to  learn about and discuss local opportunities in a free format :

– City to Sea connection
– Little Baltic – Big Challenges
– Oxygen, sour, waste, losses
– Co-creation along the shores
– Scientific status locally
– Opportunities ahead


A workshop/expo inviting the visitor to become part of the solution – by actively joining citizen science projects or
other programs.

– Everybody can help– everybody is needed
– Try out to be a scientist
– Get connected to the sea
– Start where you stand
– (Join the S4S-movement?)

A Workshop/Expo bringing in the latest insights and experiences from the electrification of harbors, marinas, ferries, ships and boats.

– Fossil fuel out – electric in?
– Realities today
– Infrastructural demands
– New generations’ demands
– Local status and opportunities
– Vision For The Baltics 2030


A Workshop/Expo sharing hands-on everyday lifestyle alternatives on how to turn the tap off when it comes to waste and toxic chemicals.

– Zero Waste and the 5 R’s
– Breaking the habits
– Food and packaging
– Upcycling as an idea
– What’s the toxics to avoid
– Going back to the future

A Workshop/Expo about how we can use the ocean smarter and more sustainable and displaying new Blue Foods.

– The Blue Food Wave
– Vegan or non-vegan
– Fresh and healthy
– Easy to grow, easy to cook
– Sea farming on your shores
– Master Chefs going Blue


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