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2018 – 100% Sun Wind Water

The project 100% Sun Wind Water signs up with S4S for a climate statement sailing project around Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. 

The young crew, with Skipper Bjorn Bertoft, are sailing a 34 ft Smaragd with an electric pod engine. They are aiming to sail 2.000 NM from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden, passing via 7 countries to demonstrate sustainable sailing lifestyles, monitor plastic waste, and trawl for microplastics along their voyage.

See more on the project website

and blog here


Plastic trash in nature is being eaten and is breaking down into microplastics. This is a severe dilemma for our oceans and the entire food chain...however, with images like this, the problem is getting more attention also from the general public. Science around these phenomenon has still a long way to go. The collecting of data like trawling for microplastics and the analysis of the findings, enables scientists to understand more.

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